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Best Electric SUV : Tesla Model Y vs Audi ETron vs Jaguar I-Pace

Best Electric SUV : Tesla Model Y vs Audi ETron vs Jaguar I-Pace

With the recently announced Tesla Model X, a bigger version of the already famous and acclaimed Model 3, the electric vehicles spectrum has seen a major step towards more diverse Electric cars. Before the launch two Electric SUVs, namely the Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace had stiff competition but with the coming of the much-esteemed Model Y, it is expected to give both of the above-mentioned cars a run for their money as its sibling the Model 3 is doing in its own segment. This article will compare all three of these really similar yet fierce competitors and we’ll draw our conclusions based on the various ground that which of these cars is really the best fit for you.

Tesla Model Y

The recently launched Tesla Model Y often described as a bigger and bulkier version of the earlier Model 3 offers a great prospect for those who want to invest in an Electric Sedan. Similar to its sedan sibling, Model 3 is also launched in both FWD and AWD variants with the standard version starting at $39,000 dollars and going up to $60,000 for performance variants. Like other signature Tesla vehicles, this one is also made to go long distances on a single charge. With the standard version having 230 miles range, the long-range variant having a range of 300 miles and even the performance variant having a range of 280 miles. Coming with a range-topping power and acceleration which can accelerate the standard variant from 0 to 60mph in just about 6 seconds, the performance variant is build to give even the gasoline sports cars a run for their money with an excellent acceleration time of 3.5 seconds for 0 to 60 mph and a maximum speed of about 150 miles an hour. Equipped with two motors and being based on Model 3 makes this car really superior on road as well as in terms of interiors and luxuries. Featuring a hyper-minimalistic interior which is capped of by stunning panoramic glass, a red Tesla Model Y equipped with all its luxury features like Autopilot, Full Self-Driving, and the optional third-row seats (which would boost the car’s seating capacity to seven passengers) will cost you for about $73,000 dollars. One key advantage that this car holds over its above-mentioned rivals is the access to the ever- increasing network of Tesla’s Supercharger Network. Being based on Model 3 makes this car perfectly compatible with these revolutionary car chargers which according to some claims can charge in about 15 minutes. This will allow owners of these new SUV to go on long-range road trips without much anxiety and make them want to choose this car over other rivals in the particular segment.


Audi e-Tron

The Audi e-Tron made its debut last year when Model X was still in the Tesla lineup, although launched nearer to when Model X was launched, e-Tron seems to be more comparable to Model Y than the above-mentioned car. With similar size, similar power statistics and even similar prices, it is more appropriate to compare this car to Model Y than Model X.

Price wise e-Tron is set a little higher than Model Y with $76,000 for Basic Premium Plus package, $81,000 for the higher end prestige model and a cost of $88,000 for the best equipped Premium Plus. While the car is more expensive than Model Y, it seems to come short when compared in performance with the Tesla machinery. Taking time of 5 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour and a maximum speed of 124 miles an hour, this car seems to have fallen behind one of its main rivals. Although Audi has been quite secretive about its e-Tron range and its development, we can guess by the size of its 95 kWh battery that its range is somewhere near to 200 miles mark. Besides this, looking from insides, this car is a signature Audi car and perhaps this is one area where it trumps Model Y. One surprising yet good thing about this car is that Audi has developed its battery in such a way that it can be charged using a variety of, including the 150 kW setup that is rumoured to charge this car up to 80% its capacity within a matter of 30 minutes. Such charging speeds are in fact quite comparable to those of Tesla’s Supercharger V2 stations, which Tesla has proven over the years is more adequate for longer trips.


Jaguar I-Pace

Perhaps the most expensive among these three as well as the least talked about the car, I-Pace is a premium car when compared to Model Y. Priced at a starting price of $70,000 dollars which
goes up to $86,000 for HSE or “First Trim”, with all options checked this car can easily breach the $100,000 dollars mark thanks to some super luxurious fittings such as $ 500-floor mats. Just like the above-mentioned e-Tron, this one also falls short of the superior Model Y. With its spec pointing at 4.5 seconds for 0-60 miles an hour, a top speed of 124 miles an hour and a range of about 234 miles per charge, this car is more comparable to e-Tron in terms of
performance than Model Y. Although the performance of this car is not as great when compared to Model Y, the one place where this car trumps the Tesla is in terms of interiors. Coming with plush and more traditional oriented car interiors, the I-Pace has an ability to attract traditional car buyers more than what e- Tron and Tesla can manage and maybe that’s why prices are so high. Another aspect where this car falls short of both its rivals is when it comes to charging. Capable of charging up to 100 kW, charging the 90 kW battery of this car would take about 40 minutes which a lot more than the other two cars of this segment.
Overall it is up to you on whether you go for more conventional options in e-Tron and I-Pace or whether you go for performance-oriented Model Y. In this uncertainty only one thing is confirmed, the superior and performance oriented Model Y will always be difficult to argue against when looking to buy a car amongst these three.


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