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Highlights of Chicago Auto Show 2019

Highlights of Chicago Auto Show 2019

Like always, the Chicago Auto Show this year was also a great success as it returned with its usual collection of trucks and trim levels. The focus was on the heavy duty side of the Automobile so there were dirty work trucks, off Road SUVs, and also several notable anniversaries with some hot models as a mandatory thing to lure guys. In this article, we give our team’s take on the top selections from this year Chicago Auto Show. Join us as we determine who was up to the mark and who wasn’t this time around.

1. 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI


This one might come as a surprise to many reading this, but when you read the specifications of the car, you’ll notice that Volkswagen came to kill the competition with this one and they might as well have achieved these feet. This one has got all the boxes ticked with a smooth clutch pedal, super heavy duty and powerful turbocharged engine and hopefully one reasonable price. Volkswagen just killed it with design and although the interior might seem a bit bland the car looks sharp and great to drive and I wouldn’t mind going for a ride of this darling.

2. 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary Edition


This limited edition model of the much loved Mazda Miata gives them as well as we break from the regular colors that have been used on Mazda’s for years now. This creamsicle orange color revealed on the stage just took all the attention with the glow and the smoothness of it, making an already lovely vehicle a treat for our eyes. Already a great sports car that ticks mostly all the boxes for a compact sports car, this limited edition seems to be inspired by the monster called 787B that won the Le Mans. A special edition, judging by its history, it should have a good value.

3. 2020 Subaru Legacy


It’s a fact that Subaru never fails to impress us whenever it comes up with a car and that has been the case for this car as well. Over the past years, only a few people have purchased the legacy but this could all change this time because of the work the company has been doing on its traditional weakness. This car illustrates what smart work on a car looks like because the company focused mostly on the places they needed with this one and did not change much about where they were strong and that has worked in their favor.

4. RAM Malfunction Tailgate


Okay, so this one has been making the headlines for some time now and we don’t know how to deal with such hype. It no secret that the truck with its tailgate feature seems to be good technically as well as in terms of design, but to us, this one seems just one better than the Tailgate of GMC Sierra and what is truly better is the performance that is expected of this machine.

5. 2019 Toyota RAV4 TRD


The last car on the list is a well deserving one, this one is meant for adventure. The TRD upgrades have made this car even better and we just can’t wait to drive this already awesome looking off-roader SUV to the rocky paths for off-roading.

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