10 Safety tip to Drive Safely in Bad Weather?

November 22, 2019/New Car Dealers Near Me

Never drive fast, whether it is good or bad weather

Drive safely whether the weather conditions are good or bad. Weather Conditions like snowfall, raining or fog can make your driving experience worst. Drive safely by taking care of these simple steps in bad weather.

1.) Drive Slow:

In bad weather always drive slowly as speed increases the risk of slipping and most of the accidents occur because of the high speed. The slow speed of the vehicle gives you time to handle the worst conditions easily if some vehicle is passing by and accidents can be prevented.

2.) Beware of black Ice:

When the temperature of the ice reaches the freezing point and a thin layer of transparent ice is formed. This black ice also makes the road wet. Visibility becomes zero and takes a lot of effort to see anything.

You can check out the following things:

– spray from tires

– Ice on the mirror arms

3.) Road Signs:

To be safe on roads always follow the road signs as not following the same can lead to accidents. These road signs are used for the benefits of drivers to prevent accidents.

4.) Avoid driving in Bad Weather

When you haven’t started your journey then you should never start from your home and if you have started then you can take a halt at a safe place in the middle of the journey. As bad weather can make your journey worse and increase the risk of accidents.

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5.) Drive safe through mountains:

When you are driving on the mountains then drive slowly as it has many steep turns and follow the road signs to prevent accidents.

6.) Take Care while crossing the bridge

When you travel on bridges, highway overpasses which gets freeze. Ice on the roads is cleared whereas the ice on the bridge is sometimes ignored. The vehicles going from the highway are fine but when reaches the bridge, it loses its balance.

7.) Use of Low Beams:

Turn on your headlights at a low beam rather than a high beam in foggy weather. The low beam of headlights helps other vehicles to see you and also gives you better visibility. It is advised to keep a distance of at least 100 yards from the other vehicles as it is difficult to figure out other vehicles and traffic lights until you reach near it.

8.) Equipment Check:

Check the tires and brakes frequently in winters. Check your windshield wipers are working properly. Clean your headlights properly so that you can get clear visibility in foggy weather. Clean your mirrors and windshield before you leave for the journey.

9.) Stay inside Your Car

If you are blocked yourself in a thunderstorm, then you can look for around yourself or stay inside the car until the storm comes to still as moving ahead will only confuse you.

road accident

10.) Go with Preparations:

You should always be ready for any kind of bad weather conditions. Follow these simple steps:

1.) Layering in clothes

2.) Blanket

3.) Traction Mats

4.) Windshield Scraper

5.) Windshield washer

6.) Keep gas tank full at all times


Bad weather conditions can be easily dealt with these life saving tips so follow these simple tips which are essential to remember for car drivers in where you are sometimes stuck and have no other condition left.

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