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Steps for buying a used car

Steps for buying a used car

1. Set a Budget

Before buying a used car you must set a value or amount you can afford on a car after considering all your current expenses  and keeping your saving aside.Car expense not limited to total car value only, there are so many other expenses as well like maintenance, service, insurance and many more.

In addition, consider auto loan to fund your car and analyse how much you can pay as down payment as total value of a car excluding monthly debts must be pay off in 3 years or less.

Set a Budget

2. Choose the right car

Before buying any used car research on the car on the basis of your requirement and need is very important. While searching for used car few things you need to consider are:

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Repair Cost (If any)
  • Transmission Type
  • Car Condition
  • Mileage run
Choose the right car

3. Test Drive

Once you find your right car ot list your car which meeting your all aspects take a test drive and feel the driving experience of the car you are going to buy to check how well it drives and check whether it have any problem or not.

Test Drive

4. Value the car

Once you have finalized the car and its model after test drive, you need to get estimation  of market value of the car by assessing its make, model, year and condition on car pricing guide websites available over the internet.

Value the car

5. Check Vehicle History

After finishing all research, final step need to do is checking vehicle history report. There are plenty of free tools available over the internet where you will get complete vehicle history by just entering VIN  of a car. These Free VIN Checker tools provides complete history of any vehicle corresponding to VIN, whether isn’t been accident or not.

Sometimes Vehicle history report also not enough and we can’t fully rely on salesperson too so for complete satisfaction we should go for mechanical check of that car to checkout vehicle condition.

6. Negotiate and compare prices

Once you completed with your research and got the market value of that car in current condition, compare prices offering by different dealers to the average market value of that car guided by car pricing guide websites and negotiate the cost as much as possible to get best deal.


7. Close the deal

Before closing the deal you must review complete contract carefully by checking the payment structure which should include the cost agreed-on-sale only without any hidden charges or any other additional cost.

Close the deal

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