What is the Right Way to Use the Hazard Lights?

January 4, 2020/New Car Dealers Near Me

What are the Hazard Lights?

Hazard lights are the lights that flash in unison to warn other drivers about any kind if temporary obstruction on the path.     

Hazard Lights are also known as a pair of intermittent flashing indicator lights, hazard flashers, and hazard warning lights.

Every country has a different style of using these lights. In the U.K it is recommended to use the Hazard lights and New Zealand, people don’t use these lights on a motorway to warn.

When you are in a hurry and you are unable to find a space for car parking then you can turn on the hazard lights and double park your car.

The hazard lights can be started by pressing the button on the dashboard which is having a red triangle button.

Most of the vehicles automatically activate the hazard lights when they meet an accident or while heavy braking.

The right time to use the Hazard Lights

Hazard Lights are used in a situation of temporary hazard and have broken on the side, while changing a tire or when your car is being towed.

When your car is getting towed then you don’t need to use any hand signal because hazard lights will override the indicators.

1.) While Changing tire:

While Changing tire

Whenever your tire gets punctured in the middle of the road then turn on the hazard lights which will show the officer that you have acknowledged their signals and following the request.

At that time you can slow down the car and turn on the hazard lights and change the tire in a safe location.

2.) Funeral Procession:

Turning on lights in a funeral procession is an exception as the vehicles must turn on the hazard lights on.

3.) Car is Broken and getting towed:


Whenever your car has broken and you waiting for your car to get towed then always turn on the hazard lights.

When you shouldn't use the Hazard Lights?

Never switch on the Hazard Lights whenever you are driving in traffic. In case you have parked your car illegally then also you can’t use the hazard light.


Here the conditions when you should avoid using the hazard lights:

1.) Heavy Traffic:

Heavy Traffic

Avoid driving in heavy traffic because it will highlight your vehicle and creating challenging situations for fellow drivers to drive the car. So, never turn on the hazard lights when you are stuck in traffic.

2.) Bad Weather:

Bad Weather

Turning in the hazard light will only confuse other drivers as they won’t be able to identify the lane in which you are heading. You can switch on the headlights and taillights.

3.) Illegal Parking:

Never turn on the hazard lights whenever you park your car illegally as turning on the lights illegally will only trouble other drivers and you can be easily spotted out in the illegal parking.

4.) A turn signal:

Never turn on the hazard lights when you taking a turn on a highway as it can confuse other drivers and could result in a crash.

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